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The Benefits of Handwriting, (Why Voycoo isn’t an App)

The advantages of handwriting over typing

The benefits of handwriting

Once I created Voycoo and started carrying it around, guess what the first question most people asked was?  “Have you thought of making this an app?”   The short answer is Yes, I have thought about that.  The long answer is there are some major benefits of handwriting your plans.  Here's what I learned and why I decided to make Voycoo a handwritten system.

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Voycoo, the back story

Where did the idea for Voycoo come from?

Do you ever feel like you're getting nowhere, spinning your wheels?  I've been there.  But I've found a way to make progress toward what I want that’s quick, easy and kind of fun.  It's something I call Voycoo and I’ll get to why I named it that in a bit.  But first I'm like to describe how Voycoo came to be and how I use it to change my life. 

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